Bringing sunshine and passing it on to the rest of you

I was nominated for the Sunshine Awards by thisislemonade! Thank you so much! And I very, very glad to hear I bring sunshine to people, just how you bring sunshine to me.

So there are some rules for this award:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award and mention it on your blog.

2. Answer the list of questions that follow.
3. Pass the award on to four other fantastic bloggers.
The Questions:
Favourite Colour
Favourite Animal
Favourite Number
Favourite Drink
Facebook or Twitter
Your Passion
Giving or Getting Presents
Favourite Pattern
Favourite Day
Favourite Flowers
The answers:
Black – I know this is dark and to some depressing, but I really enjoy it goes with everything (especially in clothes).
The giraffe – Love that it is so unique.
27 – I don’t know why, but I really like this number.
Coca Cola – Ice cold, on a summer day.
Facebook – If I have to choose.
Photography – No doubt about it. But I also really enjoy getting lost in another world by reading books.
Hmm.. That is a tough one. I really enjoy the face and expression of the people I give gifts, but I also really enjoy receiving them.
Stripes – I haven’t ever thought of this, but stripes just popped into my mind when I read it.
Summer days
Tulips – Simple, but yet to marvelous.
The inspiring bloggers:
 Andrea Green Photography – I feel for the most adorable baby photos on the vblog. I could just “eat” them up, they are so cute.
itstartswithapicture – Really nice and lovely blog. Go check it out.
ALANALA – I cannot get enough of his B/W photos.
gift grift grit – Just lovely, nothing more to say!

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